Hello from Katy

Katy Miles

Craft has always been Katy’s go to. Since a small child she was the creative one in the family, her favourite was joining yoghurt pots together with string for her and her sister to chat!  This continued into her adult life, always creating and finding new ideas and creative courses. These ranged from sewing curtains and cushions to cake decorating and calligraphy. She did all this alongside her fulfilling and busy career as a Detective Sergeant within the police.

In 2016 at the age of 38 Katy was diagnosed with Primary Peritoneal cancer.  Some months later she was further diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and following surgeries, chemotherapy and treatment, she sadly had to leave her career in the police.

It was during this time that she visited Maggie’s support centre in Cheltenham, who ran many creative classes, these classes gave Katy the escapism she needed.

In 2019 Katy’s cancer returned again and she was given the devastating news that her cancer was now incurable.  It was at this time that Katy was receiving support at Maggie’s and took part in her first ever watercolour class, the joy and satisfaction she received was a silver lining. Her sister, Lucy, encouraged her to share her art, and with that support Katy Miles Art was born.

Katy finds it hard to explain how it makes her feel to know that people like her artwork enough to part with their hard-earned cash to own a piece. It blows her away each and every time she gets an order, especially when she sees it framed in your homes.

To this day Katy and Lucy work together, Katy is able to focus on creating the artwork whilst Lucy deals with the other aspects of Katy Miles Art. They are both delighted that this brings so much pleasure to people and allows them to keep creating.